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Conversation Between The Prestige and honeykid

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  1. 08-14-14
    What SSDD??? I just came to browse the site just to take in the change, and that's when I saw the post on Deadite.

    The new site is a bit too drastic for me. Preferred the old style. The saying 'if it ain't broke, no need to fix it' really rings true here.

    I would like to post, but I fear nothing is the same around here.
  2. 08-09-14
    How'd you hear about Deadite? I'm OK. SSDD for the most part. Glad to hear you're good. You should post again.
  3. 08-09-14
    Hiya mate,

    Im alright actually. Just heard about Deadite so thought I would pay my respects. How are you?
  4. 08-01-14
    How are you? Not seen you about in ages. I hope you're well.