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  1. 05-04-19
    I screwed up. Can you correct the title of my latest thread to "Most underrated buddy cop duos"? Thanks.
  2. 12-13-18
    It really depends on the specifics. That site's more for editing, rather than drawing. It's the kind of thing you'd use if you had the santa hat and the GIF already and wanted to overlay one on the other.

    Editing GIFs is pretty tricky if you want to do something precise or specific.
  3. 12-13-18
    I don't know, I tried using that site but I'm not really getting anywhere. I want to draw a santa hat and possibly a beard as well.
  4. 12-11-18
    You'll need to either use an image editing program or an online GIF editor. Just Googling the latter should produce some decent results. ezgif is pretty good.