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  1. 07-24-20
    heh, yeah. I understand that. It's funny how one interface can be so intuitive to one person and confounding to another. For me, Studio One just felt right. Everything was in reach and I never felt I had to click around to find something. It was just where I "felt" it should be and boom. There it was. But yeah, I know a few people that really do NOT like the layout. I'm glad garage band exists. Would be cool for something similar on PC, that is just part of the OS.

    I ASSUME you spend time in a midi screen? clicking dots for beats on different instruments? Or are you recording stuff in real time? I've never really messed with midi till the last few months. Back in 2004 I was playing a lot with software drum machines. Like ticking marks to trigger a snare on a beat or whatever. That was slow going, but fun. I tried that with a midi drum kit recently. Was fun, sounded cool, but OMG it took forever lol.
  2. 07-24-20
    Yeah, I really like GarageBand/Logic, but I have a copy of Studio One Artist as well. And holy crap, I still have yet to figure my way around it.

    I'm finding that the interface with GarageBand just makes complete sense to me. I have been able to teach myself just by fiddling with the interface. Everything else I have tried has required me to hunt and read pages upon pages to get my stuff to work.
  3. 07-24-20
    I've used Presonus Studio One Pro since v3. I currently have 4, though 5 released a few weeks ago. They have sales often like 40-50% off too, so that helped. I think I started with it a few years ago because I was getting back into music and didn't know what was available. I liked the interface design, it was on sale, and had a song-writer "thumbnail" tool to quickly sketch out and block sections of a song. I figured that would be good. Honestly never used it lol. Too, I was reading a lot about their hardware and thought that would be a good ecosystem to invest---all branded and from the same developer.

    I'm on PC and have heard issues with Mac users though. So if you're looking, be sure to check into that.

    Back in like 2004 I was using Cubase a lot, but I couldn't recognize the interface when I decided to get back into things recently.
  4. 07-24-20
    Out of curiosity: what DAW do you use?