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  1. 08-10-16
    Right on, I'm glad to hear it. I'm just over here.... trying to lose weight...
  2. 08-10-16
    That's good to hear, and yep, I'm doing looooooads better. I'm also about to finish several things that will make my life a hell of a lot better. I've been going through tons of seriously bad problem for numerous years now, and this chick is damned tired of it. I'm thrilled about all of this. God knows I've earned it. Fingers crossed that nothing else goes wrong for a while.
  3. 08-10-16
    I've been good! Just taking it easy, staying centered, etc. etc.

    But yeah, just wanted to say hello, and hope you're doing alright.
  4. 08-10-16
    Hello, sweetness. Yep, I've been working my butt off on my home, and on myself. Lots of work to be done in both departments.

    How have you been?