Conversation Between Silas and Darkrose

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  1. 07-31-10
    I totally miss the cold though. I like almost everything about it...well thats not entirely true, I like all the cool stuff (no pun intended) that comes along with cold weather like the clothes and the feeling of a warm shower or bed after being outside, snuggled into a blanket. Then again I live in the desert so...
  2. 07-31-10
    An activist of sorts. Its cold here. Always cold!
  3. 07-31-10
    Are you an activist?

    I live in in the south west where its hotter than hell on its good days, but I lived up in the northwest for over 10 years.
  4. 07-30-10
    Ah its tough i guess. I am working in a Human Rights NGO in Ireland.

    What part of the States? I have lots of family there.