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  1. 01-14-09
    Hello, Mark! I've updated my review fairly significantly. I included a brief paragraph discussing the four directors, deleted a few of those excessive adjectives, and talked about the Cinerama experience.

    From your previous PM to me, I used some of your exact wording (in 1-2 sentences in my review) and one of the pictures you sent me. Is that okay? I gave you credit for your help, but if you'd like me to remove them, just say the word.

    Thanks again for your help, sir. It means a lot.
  2. 01-13-09
    Hello, mark. As you did last time, feedback on my latest review (which I just posted) would be greatly appreciated. I know I didn't mention the director, but in this case I wasn't familiar with much else of their work, so I left them out. With everything else, though, I think I nailed my feelings decently well.
  3. 01-13-09
    Thank you for the friends request, sir!