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  1. 07-20-14
    As tedious as it is, you'd probably have to uninstall, clear cache, or even restart. But yeah, it's really hard for me to believe it's not related, given that the timing lines up with the new ad rotation pretty well.

    I'll post a thread in the Bug Reports forum, though something that major probably would've come up by now. Keep me posted on this. If you feel like debugging it, go into your DOS command prompt and type ping and let me know what it spits out. That'll narrow things down a little.
  2. 07-20-14
    Don't worry about it too much, I can always use mobile/other browsers, just a bit annoying since I use Chrome almost exclusively. Maybe check if other users are having the same problem?
  3. 07-20-14
    That was my first thought - I keep them disabled for the site but tried uninstalling, no luck.
  4. 07-20-14
    Well, I've been playing around with new ads a lot the last two weeks, so I would definitely try disabling those first.