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  1. 10-06-20
    How many favors we up to now? Imma be in your debt awhile

    Seriously tho, huge help. I always learn something after I nag you
  2. 10-04-20
    Iíll send you the finished version, but youíre gunna have to be pretty convincing to get me to change anything.

    I still gotta listen to it in the car so itíll be a week or so before I submit it for release
  3. 10-04-20
    haha you can ignore my message

    I finished it and Iím extremely happy with the end result
  4. 09-18-20
    And yeah, I definitely intend on getting a copy of Logic once I get my office space setup. I just absolutely LOVE the easy of use that Apple has created with their DAW. I've got a year of GarageBand under my belt so the shift to Logic will be easy as pie.

    Only downside is my Mac is one of those Pro cheese grater models from 2009, so it's long in the tooth and in no way portable, which is why I am waiting to setup my office before I buy it.