Conversation Between Captain Spaulding and Yoda

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  1. 03-22-19
    Hmm, that shouldn't be possible. The system throws up an error. Can you link me to them?
  2. 03-22-19
    I never mentioned it because I assumed a mod would catch it when looking at the reviews page, but my review from a few weeks ago of Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers was tagged twice. I know I'm awesome and we want to promote myself and such trashy movies as much as possible, but having the same review appear twice in the database feels a bit egotistical even for myself.
  3. 10-12-15
    Amusingly, I was just thinking of buying low in my other league.

    But I can't say it's impossible. It'd just probably have to be for 90 cents on the dollar or something.
  4. 10-12-15
    Any chance you're selling low on Eddie Lacy?