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  1. 11-18-10
    Yeah, the movies were a bit disappointing... although Eclipse was a bit better than the first two and some of that was because the actors seemed to be allowed to finally loosen up a bit.... some of my younger cousins are huge Twilight fans and I've taken them to see all 3 films (several times each)... and ended up buying them all the DVD's.... we've had a lot of fun all going so the movies have made from some good memories...
  2. 11-18-10
    hey, yeah been a bit busy. I'm a huge twilight fan! but have to say, the books are a lot better, because the acting in the movies sucks a bit
  3. 11-18-10
    Hey Anneke,

    Haven't seen you on in a while... so it's nice to see you... I take it you're a Twilight fan?