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  1. 06-08-17
    The article that Captain Steel used to "prove" the No-Go zones in the UK was written by an American former Bush Administration Member. He's well known for arguing for the continuing use of waterboarding as well as his want for terror suspects to be prosecuted by secret military tribunals. I'm sure that was a well informed and unbiased viewpoint

    I just didn't even bother bringing that up.
  2. 06-06-17
    It's really grossing me out, i'm fine with opposing opinions but that thread is just about avoiding slurs so you aren't banned now while promoting hateful white supremacist agendas. Might be exaggerating a bit but not even that much.

    I was a part of a site that primarily dealt with paranormal topics, it obviously resulted in a kind of believer vs skeptic community but for the most part it was fine. Then suddenly all sorts of conspiracy topics started popping up then the general discussion area started being overrun with anti-muslim and pro-white threads all using stuff like StormFront and AnsweringIslam (which has been used multiple times in that thread as an actual source) as sources, the owner tried to curb it by creating a conspiracy sub-forum for it but all of the regulars had long stopped posting because of it and it finished.

    This site isn't close to that of course but that site made me familiar with stuff like StormFront and it's the exact same talking points used in that thread just without the slurs.
  3. 08-27-16
    Post whatever you want. Just disagree that he was doing the same as us, his posts were essentially Tony does this, Chris does this. It was making me not want to post in the thread, he was killing the flow of the thread IMO. You were multiple episodes ahead of me for a while and i thought what you were saying was fine and interesting. Just don't think i should've had to go along for six seasons without saying anything, i left it for the full first season expecting it to change but it didn't in my opinion.

    Suppose i shouldn't have worded it the way i did but i still don't see how it was harsh exactly. Cool though, thanks for responding.
  4. 08-27-16
    Hi Camo. I just don't understand the difference between what Tongo has been posting and what we've been posting. We can't all be on exactly the same episode. It's not like we all haven't seen it loads of times before. I thought it sounded harsh because it was terse and unfriendly. I'm wondering now what it's ok to post and what it isn't?