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  1. 12-01-09
    It was good, just didn't think it was great. Not the biggest fan of Mendes', but I think Road to Perdition is his best so far.
  2. 12-01-09
    Requiem is absolutely a masterpiece. I'm glad you're a fan. Not many people admire Revolutionary Road as much as me, but it's a very personal favorite. Ontop of starring my favorite working actor, it's adapted from my favorite novel of all time. I think it's an outstanding piece of work.
  3. 12-01-09
    I knew Revolutionary Road would be your number one, not as big a fan of it as you are. Definitely agree with your number two choice, though.
  4. 11-30-09
    Glad you're a fan of Half Nelson and 4 Months. Obviously, I love them both. Top 10 will be up soon!