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Conversation Between Captain Steel and Camo

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  1. 08-26-17
    Yeah, that was before i got said news. I remember and meant that. Hope things have calmed down at least.
  2. 08-02-17
    Hey Captain. Any chance you could send me a top ten movie stars list, please?
  3. 03-23-17
    It was when the mention system was first announced i made a joke that if i put @Miss Vicky in my signature she would get a mention every time i posted, and i just haven't bothered to take it out yet.
  4. 10-21-15
    Yeah, i completely ignored everything you said. Honestly this is a countdown that NEEDS your votes. Other than the host i think i'm the most passionate about Docs in the site!! I get what you said, but could you not at least throw your 25 into Whether you do that or not, i think... eh