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  1. 08-28-21
    Iím sorry to hear your struggling my friend. I have been good. My boys are hitting the teen years so Iím busy in the best way.
  2. 08-28-21
    Ach nobody misses JayDee lol And I've been struggling to be honest. How about yourself, how are things?
  3. 10-23-16
    Bushman was amazing. Just me, I don't think my kids would have liked it. I would let them see it though. Good stuff, glad you wrote about it. It was on my radar but definitely could have fell through the cracks. That happy birthday song, welled me up a bit.
  4. 10-23-16
    Glad to hear it. As I think you probably got from my write-up I was also a big fan of it. Great little film. And yeah the music was great. That was one of the things that gave it a real Wes Anderson vibe for me.

    Did you watch if with your kids or was it just you and the missus?