Conversation Between 90sAce and Chardee MacDennis

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  1. 05-18-15
    Fine with me champ.

    If i wanted to be anything more than a "source of cheap bemusement" (I'm sure you meant amusement, but I'll allow a slip of the tongue/finger after a long day of looking for things to argue about), then I'd contribute more.

    Anyway, I'll take your advice under consideration and look to improve my posting habits in the future. Cheers bud.
  2. 05-17-15
    Don't appreciate your silly personal attacks.

    When someone can't disagree without resorting to insults that doesn't make them look all that bright or well adjusted - just sayin'.

    If you disagree with something you're free to offer a rebuttal to it, but if you're gonna just post insults and run away then don't expect to be considered anything other than a source of cheap bemusement. Okay?