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  1. 05-21-16
  2. 05-17-16
    Do you mind me asking if you are religious or not? It won't change my opinion of your character whether or not you are, just curious.
  3. 05-17-16
    I didn't read that crap but from what I know, Jewish people use G-d because they want to give God's Hebrew name respect. Or something like that... It's not forbidden I believe, unless you write God on a piece of paper and throw it in the trash for example. So on the internet, to actually spell out God is fine. Some Jewish people do prefer to use G-d still.

    I am no expert on Judaism but that is what I do know.
  4. 05-17-16
    I think there's a difference, but I'm not sure, I wasn't really paying attention during the debate.