Conversation Between John McClane and The Rodent

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  1. 01-31-21
    Good stuff.
    I'm UK time, so almost midnight for me atm now... so if I'm in MoFo, I've normally got Discord open. I tend to keep my profile on invisible though as I'm on numerous servers in there.

    I can easily start a thread in the MoFo Discord server as well for chucking ideas around between us as well to make things a little easier.

    Just kinda maybe chuck movies at each other for reference and ideas at the start?
    After a few weeks/months etc get a coherent list together or something?
  2. 01-31-21
    Yeah, Iím on there. There a typical time you usually in there? Probably would be better to work in there for sure. Iíll be rusty for sure with my older stuff but Iíll check out anything you recommend older wise and we can go from there. Cool?
  3. 01-31-21
    Just having a thunk about ideas of things and stuff.

    I got a 1950-Present list going already... I chose 1950 onward fr that list as pre-1950 is kinda light on the ground for sci-fi...

    I'm thinking maybe pool favourites in sci-fi... the two of us can maybe list them or something in a kind of order, like we do for a regular MoFo list kinda thing... 1st place gets X points or something.

    Between us, maybe if we get say, 10 movies, 20 movies, 50 movies or whatever, our combined scores depend on its placement.

    I dunno, an idea.

    You're on Discord right? Maybe the live updating text on there could be a good place to spitball ideas?