Conversation Between John McClane and Austruck

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  1. 10-26-14
    So do you have any friends in relatively high places in the publishing world or are you still self-publishing? I can't remember which route you took with your last book, and I don't think we ever talked about it.
  2. 07-13-11
    Hey, send me a picture (via Facebook PM?)... If you can't take one of the actual one you own, find an online image. I may or may not be interested...
  3. 07-12-11
    Remember that portable manual typewriter I bought? Well, it's just been sitting in my room ever since I got it. I've come to the conclusion that I'm not going to bother cleaning it and fixing some minor things. Anyways, you want it? All you gotta do is pay the shipping (20-25 bucks, I think) and it's yours.