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  1. 11-05-20
    Yeah, I figured the same thing re: Evans. So many mouths to feed. But we were hiveminding on this one, for sure, because I thought about it four or five times over the last month. I think if Thomas hadn't had that scuffle I might've gone a little harder at it, though at the crucial moment to make an offer or not, I think Thielen was looking particularly good so I decided it wouldn't be enough of an upgrade relative to cost. Ah well.

    It's still fantasy, which means it's still just one bad week at the wrong time of year, one big injury from flipping, etc.
  2. 11-05-20
    It's a trade I've been planning to make ever since Antonio Brown signed with the Bucs. Mike Evans's targets already dip dramatically when Godwin is playing, so I wanted to move on from him before Brown likely hurts his stats even more. Just wanted to be cautious and wait until after the trade deadline since there were rumors about the Saints trading Thomas, even though that always seemed incredibly unlikely to me. I wish there was more clarity about Thomas's situation, but I take solace in the fact that he's at least practicing. And I knew I had to make a bold move if I hope to stand a chance against you and Parrotheads in the playoffs (assuming I even make the playoffs, of course, since I now have to face three of the top-four ranked teams over the next three weeks ).
  3. 10-27-20
    Yeah, I saw that one. These days we mostly just ask that people not get blindsided by anything R-rated (be it language or content or whatever), but if they know what they're clicking on it's fine.

    Re: football. Nah, it's cool. It's not really you. A lot of this goes back a ways, since before you joined the league, and it's not always as thoughtful as your responses are.

    I said I'd offer Adam the opportunity, though, and I will. But not because of you, specifically, or anything.
  4. 10-27-20

    Looks like I'm about to listen to a song called "Chill D F**k Out," so I assumed it was okay. Just wanted to double-check.

    Also sorry for stirring up drama and possibly striking a nerve with you in relation to your trade. I was simply voicing my frustrations, which don't lie with you but the people who keep shortchanging themselves --- in my opinion, of course --- in these trade deals. I'll feel bad if you guys actually cancel the trade.