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  1. 04-10-15
    One of these days I'll catch you in a similar error. On the other hand I'll probably be too late to point it out
  2. 04-10-15
    Yep, any advice is good advice, even when delivered late.
  3. 04-10-15
    Smartass . Nah I still think it's good advice for any new members who are say planning on sending a 60s list. As I said I would've had no idea what I voted for or where the first time if HL hadn't sent it back to me. Not that it matters too much but it helps to know and by the time you ask the list maker could've cleared out their PM's.
  4. 03-08-15
    Ummm... you sure its 'Once Upon a Time in the Wild, Wild West' instead of simply 'Once Upon a Time in the West'? I mean, one is a Sergio Leone masterpiece and the other isn't, just checking.