Conversation Between Deathly and Potter

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  1. 03-13-17
    Well done regardless. Looking at it positively, it would probably deter everyone from doing the quizzes if all of you first goers got everything correct.
  2. 03-12-17
    And...... full pot. Still bitter about those two mistakes though. I see Snape got 100% on all the quizzes (obviously), which makes it even more bitter.
  3. 03-12-17
    Actually failed miserably on COS and POA, with one mistake on both. I know, disgraceful for a guy who lives and breathes Potter. Hopefully I'll be able to keep some of my honor with a jackpot on the final two.
  4. 03-11-17
    Much appreciated. Did indeed feel that Narnia connection was quite clever. I expect you of all people to get 100 % on each and every one.

    (The pressure is on.)