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  1. 01-04-20
    Thanks Mark. Always enjoy seeing what you think of Marvel films. Buoys me to see you frequently rating Marvel films alongside or even above the arthouse films and award winnging flicks around
  2. 01-03-20
    Avengers Endgame 3.5/5 stars or 710
  3. 10-13-16
    Ah I see. Hadn't clicked with me that they'd already be showing films for Halloween. I thought that perhaps the schedulers at TCM had just thought to themselves, "hey, why don't we just f*ck with Mark!"

    Also I had been going to mention Raiders! The Story of... to you back before I ended up writing about it as I thought it might be something that would interest and amuse you, and just wanted to make you aware of it in case you'd missed it. Of course going by the rep you gave me I assume you saw my post
  4. 10-10-16
    "Man it looks like you saw a lot of ***** recently!!!"

    Well, it's Halloween season. They are legit ratings even if they supply a modicum of fun.