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  1. 02-16-17
    yeah those are the ones. Some pretty heavy stuff there. I would like the movie to be re-touched in the fx department. some of it looks outdated. A pity though; it's a good movie with an interesting concept.
  2. 02-16-17
    I recall someone posting it a while ago on another site. I just searched for it and I believe this is it They should've really kept those scenes in. It would've made an already awesome movie that much more so.
  3. 02-16-17
    Thanks man, appreciate it.
    Event Horizon is also in my list. The FXs aged a bit badly, but the movie is good. Wish we could see the lost footage [it seems it was deemed too graphic for release].
  4. 02-16-17
    Thanks, it's one of my favorite films. Oddly enough not added to my actual favorites. Speaking of favorites, that's a pretty solid list you have there.