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  1. 08-05-16
    Sounds like you're pretty busy. Well, I hope you still can find some time to post here. I miss the old crew, man. Nice talking with you buddy.
  2. 08-05-16
    I moved from Pennsylvania to Houston Texas. Last time I was really active here I think you were absent for a while. Still into film but haven't had a ton of time for it until recently. I'm planning on going to Austin on some weekends to go to events there though so that will kickstart things again
  3. 08-04-16
    Where in the US? I can't remember if you lived on my side or elsewhere.

    I've been good. Not much to say, man. Very cool that you've graduated from college and stuff. Still into film?
  4. 08-04-16
    I graduated college and had to move half way across the US for my job and I've been very busy with that, still getting adjusted to that. How are you doing?