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  1. 04-05-18
    Thanks for inevitably creating my birthday thread, Mark .
  2. 12-22-17
    I've only seen it once and I remember liking the first part the best but I don't really recall why.
  3. 12-22-17
    Hey Mark, what did you think of A Touch of Sin? If you've seen it. I thought while watching it would maybe be something you like but i'm constantly wrong there. Dunno it just seemed really well paced to me outside the violence which was alot tamer than i thought it would be.

    I kinda loved it, since it was four stories it was pretty uneven and i really hated the money slapping scene but overall it was really good i thought. The first two stories especially.
  4. 08-20-17
    Hey Mark, could you please send me your top ten tv shows?

    Whenever just asking, up to you of course.