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  1. 12-12-22
    Uuuuh sounds exciting! Iíll look forward to it then!

    Yeah Iíve thought a lot about trying to do a script. I love writing, as you know, with my reviews and stuff. But obviously it isnít all I love writing about. Been writing a lot of other stuff in the past too.

    But yeah, script writing is hard. Iíve tried my hand at it a couple of times. For shorts or just some scenes. I also find it hard to kind of make what I have in my head work in a scriptÖ

    Maybe some day. Right now I have a lot of stuff on my plate. But yeah. One day.
  2. 12-12-22
    Thank you very much. I've just left another post too because I actually missed that your shared the end result... I'll try to get something over to you soon for you to have a read over, even if its not the finished second draft. I've got a lot of decent material written up, outlines and so on. Like you said, it would be a shame to waste it after getting quite a rare opportunity for some great advice from someone in the film/TV industry, but I find it really hard to write what I want down into actual screenplay format. I need to find a way to motivate myself. Knowing your taste in films, I think you'd find the plot interesting!
  3. 05-10-15
    Thanks for the link!

    And yeah, feel free to disagree, after all it is a very subjective and personal list. I chose to be completely honest and even pick out what some may consider stinkers. And then of course I chose the horror genre, which isn't the genre consisting of the greatest films ever, in general. There are some really great ones, but ultimately the horror genre is a very difficult form of cinema, with various subgenre and so on... Of course you could say every genre is difficult, but I hope you know what I mean! Anyways, I hope to have a new update ready tomorrrow, which by the way doesn't contain a single guilty pleasure this time!
  4. 05-10-15
    My film knowledge in general is great By the way this is the film course I did online, I think you can subscribe in case it opens again, it's pretty good fun -

    And yeah, I'm only kidding about your list, I might disagree with some of the writings but the effort you put in is of course admirable.