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  1. 02-12-20
    Great, I will check your lists out! I'm planning to start keeping tabs of the films I watch on letterboxd. Moreover, I love the diversity of lists over there. Only downside is the lack of a community forum for interaction (not that it really matters to me since I barely use MoFo anyway).
  2. 02-12-20
    Letterboxd, RateYourMusic. I go as mrminio on both
  3. 02-12-20
    By any chance, are you on any other film-related websites such as letterboxd, ICM, etc.?
  4. 05-24-13
    I have always wanted to know more about Hungary besides Bela Tarr, or Greece besides Angelopoulos, or Poland besides Kieslowsky. You probably know so much about the cinema of these countries than me, so perhaps you could give me a few recs