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  1. 01-06-21
    No worries.
  2. 01-06-21
    Thanks. I just wanted to be clear that I truly did mean it as a joke. And I think I was the first in that thread to say it. I honestly didn't realize it was a running joke!
  3. 11-16-18
    Yeah, that's what I meant. Just a lot of stuff excluded. And then they came back with their own response to the response, blah blah. But the fact that such highly salient details--whether someone thinks the prosecution was misleading in their rebuttal or not--just speaks to a very clear agenda. Clearer than most documentaries, I think. Some really blatant omissions in there about Avery having contacted the woman before, IIRC, indications he might have been a little obsessed with her.
  4. 11-15-18
    Making a Murderer: Details in favor of the prosecution, do you mean? Did you follow Zellner's Twitter updates earlier today? I'm still wading through those (had a phone interview right in the middle of it with that NORC thing).