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Conversation Between tramp and Yoda

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  1. 03-01-14
    Yup, it has a mobile version. You should be seeing it by default on any smartphone, but if not (it may have been overriden already), just go to User CP -> Edit Options. The very first option on that page lets you select which style you want to view. Let me know if it works.

    It should be a lot easier to use: no zooming, big buttons and links that are easy to press, and less data transfer--especially with the default option to hide images until you click on them.
  2. 03-01-14
    Yoda, thanks for the great suggestion for the profile banner! The site looks great. I was wondering though... I have an ipad and iPhone. Is there a mobile version. I tried the iPhone, it was fine until I logged in.
  3. 03-01-14
    Thought you might like to use this as your Profile Banner. If not, lots of other great choices.

    Ooo--and head into your Favorite Movies if you have a moment and confirm that the new system "guessed" the correct films. You can remove/move/delete/add them if not, but once you save them it'll populate your profile with the poster images.
  4. 02-27-11
    Thanks.... I'm still not in great health, but I'm working on it.

    And I forgot to ask.. I'm going to assume we both admire Colin Firth's acting abilities.

    I rewatched Bridget Jones' Diary yesterday -- swoon.