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  1. 04-28-18
    Which Sono film would you recommend watching first?

    I might watch one right now. In the mood for something crazy.
  2. 12-04-17
    Yeah, I know that thread. Nothing has come from it so far, so I'm not getting my hopes up too high.

    It would definitely be a glorious day if Criterion ever released it, though.
  3. 12-04-17
    Just found this -

    And a comment from the thread although it could be talking about something else, just since you mentioned problems with music rights:

    With all the original music cleared and no generic substitutions, this is great news all around.

    That was from February and the link in that Tweet seems to have died so it might not be true, i can't find anything official on it and i don't follow Criterion releases so i'm not sure how they usually go. If it is true and it is released with the original music then it'll be uploaded pretty quickly even if you don't buy it.

    No idea otherwise if i come across it i'll let you know.
  4. 12-04-17
    Yes, it was. It's the theatrical release, but they had to cut the film for the DVD release because of copyright issues for the music that was used.

    I once downloaded a 108 minutes version, but its aspect ratio suddenly was wrong after the credits. It's really frustrating.

    Rumor has it that Netflix (and possibly some other streaming sites) once streamed the 108 minutes version, but noone seems to have that version on their pc.