Conversation Between Siddon and Yoda

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  1. 06-08-21
    Again, the idea that you're uncomfortable because of the "power dynamic" makes very little sense when you were perfectly comfortable saying all that stuff before. This is a very sudden, arbitrary discomfort that conveniently appeared only when I asked you to actually explain yourself.

    And let's be real: even using a phrase like "power dynamic" here is a bit much. I'm a forum moderator, and more than that, I'm one that's never threatened you (insofar as I can really "threaten" anyone) or given you the slightest reason to think you won't get a fair hearing, either. This isn't really adding up, and I think you know it.

    Regardless, I explained the position: I'm a moderator, so you very well may hear from me. In fact, you will, if you're going to misrepresent what I say. You'll just have to decide for yourself if that possibility is tolerable or not, I guess.
  2. 06-07-21
    I wasn't aware post coments are private or public as I don't use that feature.

    Because of the power dynamic I am not comfortable continuing a conversation with you. Whatever your thought process is I do not know nor care.
  3. 06-07-21
    This is a very odd response, for a few reasons:

    First, you can't blatantly misrepresent what I've said and attempt to make some kind of biting remark about "irony," and then object to me calling it out.

    Second, that message was private, and your response here is public. This is hard to square with your apparent discomfort. You're comfortable taking a public shot at a "person of authority," but not at receiving a private message asking about it? Doesn't really make sense.

    Third, if someone's going to do things like that, I'm afraid they're going to have to live with potentially receiving messages from me or a moderator that they may not love receiving. It will always be fair and tactful, of course: like sending certain parts of a message privately, which is what I did here.

    So, I'm sorry, but I'm not going to promise not to send you messages because I'm a moderator and it may be necessary, and I'm obviously going to have to if you're going to make unfounded accusations. If you want to avoid this, you can simply stop doing that sort of thing, and it's pretty unlikely you'll hear from me. Otherwise I'm afraid you'll have to take your chances.

    Feel free to respond publicly or privately to this.
  4. 06-07-21
    I don't know what is going on in your head but please stop contacting me about the countdown, I am very uncomfortable with a person of authority on this site sending me messages like that.