Conversation Between Darkrose and Yoda

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  1. 02-28-11
    Everything is quiet and the western front again, thanks
  2. 02-27-11
    Sorry I let this fall by the wayside. Oscar season is a busy season for me. Are you still having this problem?
  3. 02-21-11
    I think Opera is the answer you are looking for and then on campus Internet Explorer. No idea what version. Everyone I live with doesn't seem to be having problems with their internet connection, which is why I thought it might have to do something with the site. All the other web pages I've been going to don't seem to have any problems (aside from being occasionally slow). If you would, keep me updated. I don't know much about computers so it could be totally user error
  4. 02-20-11
    Nope, you certainly haven't been banned. I've had a few small problems myself recently -- though mostly just a couple of slow-loading pages. I haven't had the rest happen, though. What browser type and version are you using?