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  1. 10-17-18
    Hi mate, inbox should have some space now.
  2. 07-02-18
    I've not forgotten about you. Just can't get started without being interrupted atm. Hopefully over the next couple of days I can get something completed.
  3. 04-16-17
    Yeah my feelings towards Aliens may not quite be as hate-filled as yours but I certainly wouldn't call myself a fan. And while I don't have any great love for Alien either I'd certainly give it the edge.

    I'd actually been meaning to send a comment your way recently just to see how you're doing. I genuinely can't remember who owes who a message
  4. 02-22-17
    "Surely the films are killing the thread? It's sci-fi after all."

    Well if that's the only kind of input you've got to offer perhaps you should just continue to make yourself scarce