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Conversation Between Mr Minio and Tyler1

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  1. 06-09-23
    As far as I am aware, its the same 4k that I got on KG - whose source was also apparently available on an exclusive mubi platform. There are no plans for BluRay yet, but given the sizeable upgrade that we have its quality should be comparable to a potential BluRay release. I'm usually not too pedantic over quality but this one is definitely worth getting.
  2. 06-07-23
    "Janus Films has provided a promotional trailer for the new 4K restoration of Bela Tarr's Werckmeister Harmonies (2000). The restoration will open in New York at Film at Lincoln Center on May 26th 2023.

    Preliminary plans for an upcoming Blu-ray release have not yet been revealed."

    Looks like HD web dl rips are already on the internet, but I will wait for BluRay I guess.
  3. 06-07-23
    Thanks for the heads-up! I guess it's time to watch it for the 4th time. The last I watched it was in 2013 I guess. So I definitely have to refresh it and see if it holds up as the best film of all time. :P
  4. 06-07-23
    4k restoration out. My review of your favorite film: