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Conversation Between False Writer and Derek Vinyard

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  1. 05-25-16
    Nice! I found out about them when they played Warped Tour in 2013, then they came back last year in 2015. I think they got a new album coming out this year, hopefully it's better than Parkway Drive's last album—which was pretty disappointing.
  2. 05-25-16
    I discover them 1 months ago! They are awesome
  3. 05-25-16
    Oh nice, I am very familiar with Amity Affliction, I even saw them live twice. They are one of my brother's favorite bands so I hear them all the time when he's around!
  4. 05-24-16
    I love Parkway Drive but nope it's The Amity Affliction! You should try em if you like Parkway Drive