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  1. 05-24-15
    First of all, glad you agree with me on Cape Fear. Second, yeah, great film, not quite a masterpiece that I maybe hoped for, but definitely great, it makes the story even more powerful and touching now that I've read some more about Truffaut and his actual life, really moving film
  2. 05-05-15
    Yeah, I remember that from the Eighties list. I'll let you know what I think once I've seen them, my housemate likes them and he's not really in to films, so that's a good sign
  3. 03-18-15
    Well, most people, everyone knows you are an exception. Well, with Kubrick I guess there's a hate camp too, but those who like him seem to worship him as an actual God.
  4. 01-16-15
    Nope, not seen Hawking although looking at it now it looks good. I'll probably get to The Theory of Everything very soon as I try and watch all the Oscar films, so you'll soon here what I think of that