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  1. 11-04-20
    Sorry about the delay. I completely forgot about this. I so rarely look at or receive profile messages that I don't check. I remember watching Body Double a few years ago but can't remember in detail what I thought. The impression I have of it is that it was like a clean Hitchcock and despite what it did it wasn't sleazy or grimey enough for the subject(s) and setting. I guess that's why I like cheap exploitation rather than Hollywood versions of similar things? That said, I've always liked Dressed To Kill. Maybe I should watch that again and see if I still think so? Have you seen it yet?
  2. 10-14-20
    Haha I'm the opposite, I could just sit and watch him move his camera around all day. Yeah the opening sequences all stand out, the beginning of Femme Fatale is awesome. I've seen most of his major films now I think, Body Double is one that I haven't but need to get to. Are you a fan of that?
  3. 10-14-20
    Ah, see that's where De Palma always fell down for me. He like a talented Guy Ritchie in that he has a camera and is determined to let you know it. There's always that early shot in a De Palma film which is flashy for no reason other than him showing off. I'm very much, I know who the director is, just tell the ****ing story.
  4. 10-14-20
    Haha I've been on a massive De Palma kick recently!

    I actually loved Snake Eyes. I was really expecting to be dissapointed, and kept watching waiting for the film to fall apart as I've heard but it never did for me. The ending is a little rushed but that's not too important. I just love his style, camera always moving, such great energy. His films are definitely very cheesy and silly (Passion and Femme Fatale too) but I can't help just enjoying them so much