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Conversation Between NewGoblin and Swan

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  1. 02-01-09
    I thought Eddie Brock and Gwen Stacy were a bit rushed. Also, Spidey's black suit. I also thought Venom didn't look tough or scary like he was in the comics. Ah, well I still enjoyed it....

    Just hope they don't screw up The Lizard.
  2. 02-01-09
    Yes I do, but preferably if they made it like the first two Spider-Man films. Nothing again the third, I just liked the first two more.
  3. 02-01-09
    Arrrrrrgh! *Bangs head on laptop*

    Do you wan't an S-M 4?
  4. 02-01-09

    But.. it's the other way around. Vanilla Sky is a remake of Open Your Eyes.