Conversation Between CiCi and Miss Vicky

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  1. 11-26-18
    I wish I knew what other people have made of it. IFAIK cat's the only one who actually read it.
  2. 11-26-18
    I've been keeping tabs on it. I'm about three quarters of the way done. At Christmas I'm gonna search through the threads and get stuck in because I'm curious to see what other people have made of it now!
  3. 11-26-18
    Did you ever get back to reading the book?
  4. 10-23-18
    I'm getting through it, just under half way now. With uni being back on I can't get much reading done since I have minimum two novels per week to read on top of other things. I get a reading week in a little bit though which will give me a lot of time!