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  1. 10-23-15
    You were right. Damn.
  2. 10-21-15
    Yeah man, that's some real ish right there. I mean, there are so many times where i go out of my comfort zone and witness new movie favorites, new great members who are awesome people to talk to and how we can talk and read and write about our own opinions and discuss them - agreeing or not agreeing. It's awesome.

    Anyways, I'll be rewatching Part III tomorrow (or actually it's today lol) and I'll see how it holds up for me.
  3. 10-21-15
    That's cool though. They say the internet is horrible, because we use it to surround ourselves with people that agree with us.

    Same difference with this movie of the month deal. I would have never watched Sinister and I didn't find it to be a good movie. The experience of doing something I wouldn't normally do was worth it though.
  4. 10-21-15
    Yeah okay, I see where you're coming from. I loved the third myself on first watch (and hush hush but I actually almost liked it more than any other BTTF movie! )

    Anyways, I'll see how it goes on the second watch.