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Conversation Between Dog Star Man and wintertriangles

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  1. 11-18-11
    I'll keep it in mind, though for this next project I'm just utilizing already existing Romantic Era music.
  2. 11-18-11
    That's awesome. I know a composer if you need one....xD
  3. 11-18-11
    I'll have a look at the film now. Hey that sounds great that your filming something! Keep at it! Love to see it. As far as me, I got a job working as a librarian at the library. I practically lived there anyway, so I thought I might as well get paid for it. Editing a film myself, and about to shoot another for the upcoming year. But I need the money first.
  4. 11-18-11
    I was just watching it for my Documentary Theory class. It's pretty ****ing bizarre and apparently people hate it for being "selfish and narcissistic".

    Other than that, having a lot of trouble finishing filming for my final which is a documentary short. How about you?