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  1. 04-08-20
    Is that the one where Dre and Iovine are chained together as prisoners and have to navigate racial biases to escape pursuit from authorities? Cuz if so, I'm pretty sure I've seen it.
  2. 12-21-18
    It's a shame, but it's not a surprise either.
  3. 12-20-18
    Sadly, I don't think most Americans have even heard of Hammer Horror, whereas everyone seems to be familiar with Universal Horror, whether they've seen the actual films or not.
  4. 03-25-18
    Indeed. I'm not a huge fan of slashers, but I seem to really dig when non-horror films feature a slasher-type villain, like 10 to Midnight and Cobra. I wish more action/crime films did the same.