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  1. 11-09-16
    Awesome, thanks. I think I'll give The Oath a go in the near future.
  2. 11-09-16
    (this is a continuation of my last message which was apparently too long haha)

    Despite not caring much for Doctor Doom, I'm actually rather fond of Doctor Strange & Doctor Doom: Triumph and Torment from 1989, which is very much in the spirit of the older comics, though the story mostly focuses on Doctor Doom. As for totally modern comics I think are definitely worthwhile, the ongoing Doctor Strange comic by Jason Aaron (which started late last year) is rather unlike the old Strange comics (mostly because magic in the world is dying so Stephen can't rely on his old knowledge), but it's probably more accessible to new readers because of that.
  3. 11-09-16
    The blend of spirituality and magic is something that was derived from the comics, but the bending of physics was something new to the film (or at least wasn't present in any of the comics I read). I do agree about the comedy. Some of it was alright, but most of the time I only laughed because I was in a packed theatre with an audience who laughed a lot, and I'm one of those people who laugh once enough other people are laughing at something.

    I think Cumberbatch really looked the part, and while I did like his Tony Stark-esque performance, it's rather different from how I always imagined Stephen Strange. But since the film took a lot of liberties with the source material, I think his version fit in really well with the film's universe. I loved the mid-credits scene, and that was really more of the type of Doctor Strange I wanted to see.

    As for comic recommendations, I actually wouldn't recommend going back and reading Strange Tales until after you've become familiar with the character, and even then only if you're a fan of older comics. If you want a good introduction to the character in a more modern, but still old-fashioned feeling Strange story, I do recommend The Oath (written by Brain Vaughan) from 2007. It doesn't require any former knowledge of the comics, covers all the basics (aka the origin story), and it's plot is eerily similar to the film, but in a strange change of events it's not as mystical or world-threatening.
  4. 11-09-16
    I agree that this one was just alright, though I did like the interesting blend of physics, spirituality and magic (which was probably derived right from the comics), and liked it more than most of the other MCU films. The sense of humor was incredibly annoying though, felt a bit forced and led to me really honestly not enjoying Cabbagepatch in the title role that much, though when I step back and look objectively he did fine.

    Thing is, for some reason, as a superhero he was fascinating and one of the coolest I've seen. Like, a great superhero in a not so greatly executed film. I know you're a fan of him, so I'm guessing you've read the comics yeah? This is the first MCU film to make me want to read the comics, which I imagine are much better. Any suggestions where to start?