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  1. 10-22-10
    where the hell are youz????
  2. 09-06-10
    I loved reading your stuff. Still not sure why you didn't just call me crazy and move on, but I really appreciate the work you did. I liked how you deconstructed basically everything I initially wrote (including where I tried to deconstruct you!) which was very overemotional and butthurt compared to your post. You're also way more Socratic than me in actually pointing out flaws in my argument instead of just making a bunch of new ones in block paragraphs... something I've gotta work on.

    In the end, I think you win out, because the Mosque probably isn't going to cause anything very drastic. To everyone else, this was probably pretty obvious from the beginning, but I quite enjoy pulverizing deceased equines.

    If you're interested in seeing how you might already agree with me, check THIS out. I should have quoted it in my post really!
  3. 09-06-10
    No real need to take up any more of your time, I feel. I don't know if the issue is really that big of a deal, since it is an isolated one-time event. I'm sort of going for the "slippery slope" idea where the building of the Mosque will lead to some kind of ideological cascade where everyone suddenly declares that our cultural divide has been healed... or something.

    Also that typo was massive fail by me (many apologies), but I still loved reading your summary of Christianity's influence on American government. It was weird because your tone was one of a rebuttal, but the whole time I was like "I completely agree".
  4. 09-06-10
    You're a perceptive thinker and a zealous debater, clearly, and you will no doubt find more fault with anything I add to the thread. I'm also pretty confident I'd be able to counter your conflict theory line of dialogue with yet another thoughtful reaction. And this could go on until Yoda shuts down the site or bans us both. In other words, this will never end, there can be no victor, and any further posts would likely only serve to deter readers from our respective positions. It already seems like this thread has not changed any minds or made any positions much clearer to the opposition; it just annoys people.

    That being said, this is a highly stimulating and illuminating discussion for me.