Conversation Between False Writer and Yoda

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  1. 05-21-17
    You too! Thanks for coming on, and for wading through our non-stop chattering.

    Yeah, the list is gonna take awhile to churn through (a couple other people have asked to be added, no less), but I'll keep that in mind, and I appreciate you being so willing and enthusiastic, too.
  2. 05-21-17
    Great job on the podcast yesterday! I know you got a waiting list but I'd be willing to give it another shot sometime if that's okay. If a spot ever opens up let me know!
  3. 04-03-16
    Hey Yo can you please sticky Cricket's Movie of the Month thread? Thanks!
  4. 01-02-16
    Hey Yo can you sticky Friendly Mushroom's MotM thread? I've archived yours in the master thread already.