Conversation Between Jack1 and Yoda

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  1. 03-13-15
    Dig. Glad things are good. Welcome back.
  2. 03-13-15
    Hey! Sorry, yeah, they're going well, cheers. Just been busy at uni and unfortunately forgot
    about this place.

    Haven't been watching that many films recently but decided to watch something tonight and came back to this place to have a look. I'll stick around as much as I can hopefully.

    Hope you're well.
  3. 03-03-15
    Hey, where ya' been? Hope things are good.
  4. 10-18-14
    Yeah, I'm good, cheers. Just been busy with work at university and a load of other stuff, so my film-watching has been minimal recently. Hoping to watch a bit more stuff soon and be able to review it. Hope you're OK as well.