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Conversation Between SmudgeEFC1985 and MovieGal

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  1. 08-27-18
    Im 51 years old.. and Pretty In Pink came out when I was 18 (1986)... there are a lot of 80s films I enjoy.... Some here say I am more like Allison from The Breakfast Club... I cant stand James Spader because of how he acted as Steph in PIP..

    I hope you stick around the site..
  2. 08-27-18
    Hi! Sorry I took a while, navigated away from the page, and since Im fairly new here, didnt have a clue how to find it again!

    PiP is great, went through such a massive John Hughes phase as a teenager, absolutely love Duckie. Always felt his character summed up my horrendous teenage (and 20s...) habit of falling for people who had no interest in me! Guess thats why I always loved Some Kind of Wonderful slightly more, because Watts got the happy ending!
  3. 08-19-18
    Nice Avatar.. Im a Pretty in Pink fan too.....