Conversation Between Bunker Wise and Yoda

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  1. 02-13-18
    Just saw the nonsensical comment below. You were banned for creating a fake account to argue on your behalf. Period.

    If you were really banned for the opinion, why did you get to post it dozens of times? Why is it still up? Why was no one else expressing the opinion banned? Makes no sense.

    EDIT: whaddya know, no response. Thanks for proving my point.
  2. 02-07-18
    First, if you don't want arguments, then just make your request without stuff like "you did me a disservice." You like to pick fights and then pretend you don't want them when people fight back.

    Second, as I just said, I have no idea what "set up a second page" means. Threads get more pages based on the number of replies, automatically, but that's it (and no, you can't spam the thread with filler posts to create another page, they'll be removed).

    Third, what is "hard to load" about them? They load fine. The videos don't even embed until you hit play; until then, they're just placeholder images.
  3. 02-07-18
    Let's get to the point, how would I go about setting up a second page. You see when there are too many videos it's hard to load more. So a second page would be handy do you know how I would do one or not. Otherwise it would be nice if you could stop wasting my time and try and draw me into another pointless argument.
  4. 02-07-18
    I don't know what you mean by "too many" videos, or even what you mean by setting up a second page. It looks fine to me.

    Also, I didn't do you any disservice and don't owe you any favors.