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  1. 07-16-15
    Fine by me.
  2. 07-16-15
    Yeah, I noticed the duplicate and removed it (presumably right after you saw it). That was before we implemented the dupe check.

    I can make an exception, but to be clear, this involves removing the old one from the Reviews area. The new one would replace it.
  3. 07-16-15
    Well, I think this is a worthwhile exception and I haven't asked for it before - besides which, I link to the original review in the body of the new review so if people are interested enough in reading it then they can find it just as easily. I already checked my tagged reviews and apparently there's already an Avatar duplicate in there. So, if it's not too much trouble, please tag the new one.
  4. 07-16-15
    Yeah, it's not unfortunately. I mean, it was, but it led to tons of duplicates because people often post their reviews in more than one thread and we needed a way to make sure we didn't mark all of them.

    Technically I can replace one with the other but the convenient little tool I built doesn't do it, so it's a "go into the database backend and do it manually" thing, so I only do that if the author really, really wants it (and doesn't ask for it a lot).