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  1. 03-23-10
    Quite possibly. We might wait awhile, because if we add it we want to make sure it's a very good cross-section of the site. We'll probably wait for a somewhat later incarnation that incorporates more people's lists. We will be adding the Horror list we all put together quite soon, however!
  2. 03-23-10
    What do you think about adding the MoFo Top 100 List to the lists when it is all said and done?
  3. 03-09-10
    I've been toying with moving 12 Angry Men to the first slot, but yes, Dial M is really a brilliant film. Strangely fun and lighthearted! Really love it.

    Glad you like the Lists; we'll definitely keep adding more! Not too often, because we're picky about it, but there'll definitely be more.
  4. 03-09-10
    Dial M for Murder as your number one film- can I rep you for that--good film! You do a good job with the lists on this site...look forward to more